Practice & Assessment Symposium


This event took place 2-3 August 2016 in Columbus, Ohio, and brought together experts in education and economics research methods with active learning mathematics practitioners and departmental leaders to review current active learning evaluation efforts, clarify barriers to implementing new programs, and frame ways to increase national research and evaluation activities. The symposium attempted to identify key research issue areas and potential project teams to create new active learning initiatives. The symposium goal was to increase national mathematics active learning evaluation and associated research activities in order to strengthen mathematics teaching.

The symposium was organized by Ronald G. Douglas, David Bressoud, and Doris Zahner.


Symposium Brochure



Opening Remarks (Douglas, Bressoud, Hodge) audio

Session 1:

Nature and importance of active learning and introduction to Inquiry-Based Learning, one of the purest and most effective forms.

Session 2:

Issues of implementation, how to overcome the inertia that keeps us in modes of instruction that we know only serve a small minority of our students.

Session 3:

How assessment can be used to measure active learning in general as well as for specific programs and classrooms.

Symposium Transcript



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